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5 Important Dates in the Evolution of Toilets


Both flush and portable toilets provide services that many people take for granted. When you have to go - even at an outdoor event - there's a toilet ready and waiting. It wasn't always this way. Toilets, including portable toilets, have had a long and detailed evolution. Read on to learn about five important dates in the evolution of toilets.

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5 Must-Haves for an Awesome Outdoor Winter Party


South Carolina is an awesome place to call home for a variety of different reasons. However, the mild winter weather has to be somewhere at the top of the list. Given the climate, an outdoor party in the winter isn't just a great idea - it's an easily feasible one.

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What to Consider About Portable Toilets for Your Event


Community events take special planning and consideration, and one of the key points of that planning is restroom accessibility. You want to make sure that you have all of your bases covered before you place the deposit and request the portable toilet rentals for the event. This means taking the following points into consideration so that you are prepared and your event runs smoothly.

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