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Toilet Rental Planning: It's a Science

Portable Toilets
Event planning is a tedious task for large and small events alike. You must comb over every element of the day to ensure everything goes along smoothly. Careful planning is equally important when it comes to toilet rentals, namely, how many facilities are necessary.

The process of determining how many toilets are required to cover an event seems simple on the surface, but many influencing factors play a role. Learn some of the elements you should think about when planning your toilet rental.

Size and Duration

Find the right number of rental options for your event by comparing the number of people attending the gathering to its duration. The longer the event, the more facilities you need.

For example, 250 guests in attendance for a two-hour event requires at least two facilities; however, accommodating 250 guests for eight hours would require at least six toilets. For gatherings with 250 guests or less, you only need to increase the number of rentals you have for around every three hours of event time. 

For events accommodating more than 250 guests, every additional hour in event time will usually require you to add to the number of facilities you offer. 


Bathroom rental planning should include a focus on the attendees - not just in terms of how many guests you expect but also on the types of guests you plan to attract. For instance, consider a family-themed event with a large number of young children in attendance.

Children have smaller bladders than adults and sometimes less control when it comes to bladder function. When a child has to use the restroom, it's an urgent situation. As a result, the more children in attendance, the more frequently the facilities will be used.

To avoid long lines and unhappy parents, ensure your guests have ample options. You should also look for larger rentals, such as trailer-style bathroom units to accommodate for the extra room needed for the parents that may have to assist their children in the bathroom.  


For events that take place in a vast, spread-out area, you may need to increase the number of facilities you have. The primary concern with events of this fashion is that you don't want to force guests to travel from one part of the event to another just to use the facilities, especially if they are engaging in a particular activity in that area.

For instance, for an event with three primary areas where you need around five toilets, consider adding an extra rental for a total of six. This configuration will allow you to have two toilets for each station to adequately cover the entire area.


For any event where alcohol is served, you need to increase the number of available toilet facilities you have on hand. Alcohol blocks the body's ability to release the vasopressin hormone.

The vasopressin hormone is responsible for prompting the body to hold more water in the kidneys instead of flowing into the bladder. This hormone suppression combined with the fact that alcohol stimulates the bladder results in a person who will have to use the restroom more frequently.

Alcohol consumption triples the level of urine produced in a single hour. Take whatever baseline you have for toilet rentals, and increase the number by at least 15 percent to accommodate for your guests' likely need to use the facilities more frequently. 

Apply these tips to ensure the facility needs of all your guests are met. For further assistance with planning, contact Elite Environmental LLC. We are happy to partner with you for all your portable toilet and handwashing station needs.