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Portable Toilets at Your Construction Site: FAQ

Portable Toilets at Construction Site
From determining how many workers you will need to securing the right equipment and tools, you have several variables to consider when organizing a construction project. Another factor to consider is the logistics of portable toilets. For example, how many will you need? And where is the best spot for the portable toilets?

Find out the answers to these and some of the other most frequently asked questions about portable toilets for your construction site.

How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need for My Construction Site?

The number of portable toilets you require for a construction site is based upon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. For every 15 employees of each sex, OSHA requires that you have at least one portable toilet on site. If you have 81 to 110 employees of each sex, you must provide them with at least 5 portable toilets. 

If the number is about 150, according to OSHA, the employer must provide at least one toilet for each additional 40 employees.

These are the minimum numbers of portable toilets you are required by law to make accessible to your employees. However, if you expect the job to take several months or if you are going to work long hours, consider renting additional portable toilets to make your employees more comfortable. 

What Is the Best Place to Put the Portable Toilets?

In addition to ensuring the portable toilets are close enough to make them easily accessible, consider the following when determining placement:
  • Your workers' safety. Place the toilets in a secure area that is well-lit and away from any potential dangers. For example, if you use heavy machinery, make sure the toilets are several feet away. If the jobsite is near a highway, place it several feet away or behind a barrier. 
  • Your workers' convenience. Place the portable toilets and urinals in a spot that is easy to access, such as near the break area or by the jobsite's entrance. 
  • The placement of employees on the site. If your jobsite is large and employees are scattered, place the portable toilets strategically to ensure that they are accessible to most workers. 
The portable toilets must also be placed on a flat, level surface. An ideal spot would be a paved area. However, if the construction site doesn't have a paved area nearby, locate a spot that won't become muddy or inaccessible if there is rain. 

In addition to portable toilets, include handwashing stations. These stations will allow workers to clean up after using the portable toilet and after performing a messy chore. 

How Can I Keep the Portable Toilets Safe?

Placing the portable toilets several feet away from any dangerous areas on the construction site is the first step in ensuring they don't become damaged and your employees don't become injured. However, you have another issue that consider: vandalism. Unscrupulous individuals may cover the portable toilets with the graffiti or, worse, tip them over, creating a mess.

Prevent vandalism from happening by placing the toilets in a secure, well-lit area. If you have night time security, ask them to keep an eye on the portable toilets throughout the night. Securing the portable toilets with locks will also help prevent vandals from entering them and making a mess. 

From determining the proper placement of the toilets to ensuring they are not vandalized, these are some of the considerations to keep in mind when renting portable toilets. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Elite Environmental LLC. We are happy to discuss your rental options with you and offer additional tips.