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Reasons You Might Need a Portable Toilet | Elite Environmental LLC

Portable Toilets
Weddings, family reunions, and graduation parties are all summertime occasions that, when held outdoors, have an obvious need for portable toilets. And while these events are the most well-known reasons to rent toilets, portable toilets aren't just party additions.
There isn't one catchall reason that a property owner would need to rent a portable toilet, and that's what makes restroom facility rentals so versatile. You may need portable toilets for your daughter's summer wedding reception one year, and then you might need the same rental next year when you renovate your home. 
Before you move out of your house temporarily and spend money on a hotel just so you can have access to a bathroom, take a look at some of the top reasons why home and property owners rent portable toilets.
Continuous Construction
Home renovations present very specific challenges to homeowners. Constant construction may prevent you from living in your home or using parts of it. When the renovations invade your bathroom spaces, staying in the house becomes almost impossible. While you can make do without a kitchen, dining room, or family room, the bathroom is an absolute necessity.
Even though bringing in rented facilities isn't an ideal situation, it allows you to stay in your house during active construction. Avoiding a hotel stay or apartment rental can save you money, time, and headaches.
Not only can a portable toilet negate the need for a temporary new home during construction, but it's also a convenience for the improvement project's team. The men and women who are working on your home are on-site all day long. They need the facilities just as much as you do.
Instead of having to find restrooms elsewhere, providing portable toilets (and hand washing stations too) will make their workday better.
Plumbing Problems
A water main break, major backup, or other serious sewage issue can cause plumbing problems that prohibit the use of your bathroom, at least until the water (or water pressure) is restored. While you're waiting for a repair, you will need a restroom replacement.
Again, like with construction, leaving your home to stay in a hotel isn't always an option. Along with it being pricey, it's inconvenient and can make your already hectic life even more difficult.
Keep in mind, if you have no water flowing into your home, you won't just need a portable toilet. A hand washing station is another rental option that can make your day easier and help to keep you (and your family) clean.
Outdoor Issues
When your yard or outdoor area has issues, you may end up with contractors outside all day long. Whether you're having a driveway resurfaced, are redoing a deck, or are digging up your entire yard for a major exterior overhaul, the thought of muddy boots walking through your clean interior space isn't advisable.
This type of construction doesn't remove the restroom from your home and won't prevent you and your family from using the indoor facilities. But if you don't want to ask the workers to continuously take off their shoes every time they need to use the bathroom or to put down plastic or rugs, toilet rentals make the whole endeavor easier on everyone.
Post-Storm Damage
Severe storm damage may mean that you don't have access to running water. And that means you won't have a working bathroom or a place to wash your hands. Renting a portable toilet and hand-washing station can take some of the punch out of this challenging time.
Even if the water is restored right away, keeping the toilet around could prove beneficial. If you need home repairs after the storm, you'll have a restroom ready for yourself, your family, or the construction crew.
Do you need portable toilets or hand washing stations? Contact Elite Environmental LLC for more information.